01/16/24 - huh, okay!

mood: ˙◠˙
eating: haha
drinking: cherry coke

Life is. . . Definitely happening to me! The past two years have been such a mixed bag, but honestly? With how bad my health has been, I barely remember it!

i lived and that's what matters!

10/16/2022 - local idiot hit by car, uses settlement for concert merch!!!

mood: (- o - ) zzZ
eating: tortilla chips
drinking: monster

very weird week! i had a job interview and on the way there i got rear ended getting onto the highway! it was super embarassing, i didn’t get hurt or anything but...

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10/07/22 - broke bitch's big adventure!!!

mood: ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ
eating: pineapple gum
drinking: water

starting a blog now, i guess? i kinda miss doing things like this. i’m stuck at home being ~*unemployed*~ right now because my job at [REDACTED COFFEE STORE] went to shit almost immediately...

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