10/16/2022 - local idiot hit by car, uses settlement for concert merch!!!

mood: (- o - ) zzZ
eating: tortilla chips
drinking: monster

very weird week! i had a job interview and on the way there i got rear ended getting onto the highway! it was super embarassing, i didn’t get hurt or anything but i had a little panic attack because i couldn’t find the hazard button? so a very nice third woman pulled over to make sure i hadn’t like, had a heart attack or something. anyway, dude turned out to be incredibly nice and we got it all taken care of like, the next day. apparently he worked in healthcare administration? so i don’t think money means anything to him. i still went to the job interview. they offered me $7.50 an hour. i did not take the job. but i have a different one now! finally, i’m not gonna like, starve to death!

anyway, my sister and her boyfriend came to town for a haru nemuri concert! it was a lot of adventuring around [STATE] third wheeling it because my boyfriend worked the whole weekend! we went to the state fair, which is overrated and kind of boring! and then i ate a big pizza because i’m not even going to try having celiac disease and being vegan when i’m supposed to be having a fun weekend. sometimes i gotta eat a cheese to not be the most annoying person in the room, i’m sorry moo cows. the concert was amazing though! two opening acts that were both like, surprisingly really good local artists? i bought way too much merch. [MY STATE] fucking sucks and [CAPITOL] specifically extra sucks, but i am grateful to be able to go to a 10/10 concert pretty much whenever i feel like it.

like, i really don’t have a lot to write about? i’m kinda just chilling. finally got boyfriend to play yakuza 0, but he’s been too busy to actually make a lot of progress in it! he’s finally got a day off tomorrow, so that’s probably like, literally all we’re doing. i’m gonna take a big nap now.

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