01/16/24 - huh, okay!

mood: ˙◠˙
eating: haha
drinking: cherry coke

Life is. . . Definitely happening to me! The past two years have been such a mixed bag, but honestly? With how bad my health has been, I barely remember it! It's the small victories, I suppose. I'm finally doing a bit better, so I thought maybe blogging would be a good idea in case my brain ever starts melting again. Like how scrabble is good for dementia patients. Short summary of current events is: I'm working at a new coffee shop, which was so dead the entire month of October that I finished every Ace Attorney game. Including both Investigations games. It's busy now, which feels like a punishment for not using my time more wisely. Tips go hard though, I'm in a really rich area.

Unfortunately with the weather being so dangerous, we've died down a lot again. I'm working through the Professor Layton prequels now, they were some of my favorite games as a kid! It was my first fandom, which isn't something I participate in anymore as a rule. As much as I miss the old Internet, I was exposed to a lot of things I wish I weren't through silly puzzle game fandom. I was mutuals with Nemu when I was 13, iykyk. They're still good games! Azran Legacy's plot is still clownshoes garbage, but that's okay! I'm still very tentatively excited for the new one.

You know what else I'm unreasonably excited for? Like a Dragon 2, baby! The promise of me and my fiance popping bottles of $5 soju and reuniting with our bestie Ichiban is the only thing holding me together emotionally! We both took off work for it, which is a normal thing to do. The first Like a Dragon occupies such a special place in my heart, it's genuinely one of the best games ever made. Sometimes me or the fiancee will ask the other something like, 'I wonder how Nanba is doing?', like he's a real guy and not a fake man that lives in my TV. Controversial take, but yogurt is the best soju flavor. Every time I buy it, I'm the only one who drinks it. More for me, cowards!

Truthfully despite it being 2 years since my last anything, I don't have much to talk about. Lots of bummers, but also a lot of picking up weird hobbies! I'm really into repairing game consoles right now, and doing custom shells and stuff. I'll probably make a page about it soon. It's a lot of fun, and way easier than it looks! Other than that. . . I guess I'm playing a lot of Neopets? Idk, expect more to come or don't.

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